Weekly Runs

Between long established training runs and impromptu trail howls the pack gathers nearly every week of the year. Sometimes an expert tracker will be around to guide the pack and sometimes a group of neophytes get to explore new trails. All the runs are open to individuals of all abilities and we practice a ‘No Animal Left Behind’ philosophy on our training runs. To learn a bit about the trails these runs are hosted on check out our Where We Run section.

Training runs involve a period of social baying and a game time decision of which trails will traveled that day. Every effort is made to cater the event to the training desires of that day’s group. The best way to find out when the runs are happening is to check in on Facebook as we will create a Facebook Event for the runs each week. As a general guideline expect the runs to start between 8 and 9 AM.


Saturdays at the Medford Fells

Saturday mornings there is typically a gathering at the Middlesex Fells Reservation. Rugged Skyline or rolling Reservoir is on the menu! The terrain can be rocky, rooty and gravely but are mixed with soft pine and tranquil reservoirs. Very little scrambling will be involved but a scamper or two up a rock might be required on the skyline trail. Loops typically last 1.5-2 hours and cover 6-8 miles. The Fells trail system is easily accessed through many points and shorter runs are possible. No water stops or facilities are available so plan accordingly.

Sundays at the Blue Hills

Sunday Mornings find an adventurous crowd in the more expansive Blue Hills reservation. Early bird options sometimes appear for those going super long on the day but entail a trip back to the parking lot to pick up fresh animals at some point. The Blue Hills offers a mixed bag of trails but expect to see a lot of different terrain. Seasonal facilities are sometimes available. These training runs can be truly epic and get at the heart of why we love the woods and the company.

Sunday Beginners group at the Blue Hills

Perfect for those who are starting in trail running, recovering from injury, or prefer a very casual trail experience. A shorter loop on easier terrain than any of our other runs provides a good starting point for curious animals who still may be getting their trail legs.